The Gift’s Impact on Breastfeeding Rates

December 09, 2020

A recent article reported that delivering at a Gift designated birthing facility is beneficial for breastfeeding initiation regardless of race/ethnicity. However, racial breastfeeding disparities exist, even in Gift facilities.

The Gift works with hospitals to increase awareness of systemic gaps that contribute to breastfeeding inequities by having open discussions about the issue, encouraging diversity in the workforce, examining patient outcomes by race to monitor inequities, encouraging implicit bias staff training, as well as inviting a diverse team of parents to participate on committees to find solutions to community health issues and elevate community voices.

To access the Official Journal of the Louisiana Public Health Association (jLPHA) article titled, “Examining Associations of Louisiana’s Gift Program and Race/Ethnicity with Breastfeeding Initiation and Duration Using PRAMS” click HERE and scroll to page 30.

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