Survey Results: Impact of COVID-19 during Pregnancy & Postpartum Periods

August 19, 2021

In 2020, the CDC Louisiana Pregnancy Risk Assessment System (LaPRAMS) survey began to include COVID-19 supplemental questions to learn about the impact of the pandemic during pregnancy and postpartum periods.

The data revealed that during their pregnancy, 11.9% of respondents tested positive for COVID-19, and 13.70% had someone in their household who tested positive. A concern among many families is whether a support person would be allowed to help them at the hospital. Respondents reported that the following individuals provided support during delivery: husband or partner (74.4%), another family member or friend (26.6%), some other support person, not including hospital staff (2.0%), the hospital did not allow me to have a support person (3.10%).
The data also revealed that 58.7% of respondents were given information about how to protect their baby from COVID-19 when they went home and 48.10% of respondents who breastfed their baby reported that they were given information in the hospital about how to protect their baby from infection while breastfeeding. Lastly, 6.10% of respondents had trouble getting a visit from a lactation specialist while in the hospital due to COVID-19.

Results from the 2020 LaPRAMS survey can be used to inform hospital quality improvement activities. One  example would be to test using the teach-back method to educate patients on how to protect their baby from COVID-19 while feeding. After using the teach back method, collect data to determine if there was an  increase in the number of birthing persons who recall the education they received.  

Helpful Tools:
The Family Larrson-Rosenquist Foundation handout is a useful tool for families that have a baby in the NICU.
United States Lactation Consultant Association handout provides helpful reminders for breastfeeding patients.

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