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St. Tammany Parish Hospital is Baby-Friendly!

November 30, 2018

Congratulations to St. Tammany Parish Hospital which received Baby-Friendly designation in October 2018! Baby-Friendly USA recognizes facilities that provide an optimal level of care for infant feeding and bonding between mother and baby. St. Tammany Parish Hospital is a Level III NICU, located in Covington, Louisiana. They delivered 1875 live births in 2017.

During the process of becoming Baby-Friendly, St. Tammany Parish Hospital reported a 2% increase in skin-to-skin immediately post delivery, 5% increase in breastfeeding exclusivity, and a 19% decrease in pacifier usage. Additionally, the 24 hour “rooming in” rate was increased by an astounding 51%. “Rooming in” is an evidence-based practice that promotes keeping healthy newborn babies and their mothers together in post-labor recovery rooms. A lactation consultant at the hospital, Jan Waddell RN, BSN, IBCLC, noted, “Once changes become the new norm and the benefits are obvious, many of your naysayers become your biggest advocates.”

University Health Conway recently celebrated its Baby-Friendly designation which was awarded in April 2018. Alenna LaBorde RN, BSN of University Health Conway shared, “The Gift coaches and staff have been instrumental in answering questions and helping us reach Baby-Friendly designation! The Ten Steps to Successful Breastfeeding are a great standard of care and The Gift coaches and Coffective platforms helped explain and expand on how to utilize the 10 Steps to better care for our patients.”

Forty nine percent of live births in Louisiana now occur in 16 Baby-Friendly birthing facilities. This is a significant increase from 2014 when only 2% of Louisiana babies were born in Baby-Friendly facilities.

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