Revised COVID-10 Guidance on Care of Infants

August 19, 2020

Information about perinatal COVID-19 transmission is changing rapidly. Revised guidelines related to the care of infants at risk for maternal exposure to COVID-19 was recently released.

Based on available data, the AAP’s initial guidance had recommended the temporary separation of newborns from their infected mothers.However, recent data prompted new AAP guidance, which indicates that mothers and newborns may room-in when using precautions such as masks, hand hygiene, and distancing to protect newborns from maternal infectious respiratory secretions. Visit Healthy, the official parenting website of the AAP for more information on parenting concerns during COVID-19.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) updates emphasize the importance of maternal autonomy in the medical decision-making process. Click HERE for a sample shared-decision making infographic. The prenatal period is the best time to begin a conversation between the mother and her healthcare provider about whether the baby should be cared for in the mother’s room or a separate location if she is suspected or confirmed of having COVID-19. Learn more about the CDC updates HERE.

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