Discharge Education & Support

Ensuring mothers receive breastfeeding support, in the hospital and post discharge, are especially important during emergencies. If a patient has been diagnosed or is suspected to have COVID-19, the Universal COVID-19 Infant Feeding Checklist is a useful guide for the staff RN. The LaPQC Discharge Guide can help staff have a conversation with mothers and support persons … Continue reading “Discharge Education & Support”

Louisiana Mental Health Perinatal Partnership

Perinatal mental health problems impact 1 in 7 women and can affect any woman during pregnancy and the postpartum period. The Louisiana Mental Health Perinatal Partnership (LAMHPP) provides real-time psychiatric and resource consultations for licensed healthcare clinicians who serve pregnant and postpartum women and their families to help identify and address this health issue. The … Continue reading “Louisiana Mental Health Perinatal Partnership”