Gift Training
  • Hospitals that are enrolled with The Gift receive online and off-line training for hospital staff and providers. Download this executive summary to learn more about the Coffective Provider Education that is now available to enrolled hospitals.
  • To access The Gift Train-the-Trainer and Technical Assistance webinar recordings, enrolled hospitals can visit the “Resources for Enrolled Facilities” section of the website, by clicking here.

Prenatal Education during “Sheltering in Place”

The COVID-19 pandemic presents new challenges for perinatal teams, including prenatal breastfeeding education. In-person clinic visits are limited and maternity care workers are having to find creative ways to connect with families. Patients may require different approaches to prenatal education. For example, one birth facility in Louisiana shared that they are piloting “introvert” and “extrovert” virtual classes. The introvert … Continue reading “Prenatal Education during “Sheltering in Place””

Discharge Education & Support

Ensuring mothers receive breastfeeding support, in the hospital and post discharge, are especially important during emergencies. If a patient has been diagnosed or is suspected to have COVID-19, the Universal COVID-19 Infant Feeding Checklist is a useful guide for the staff RN. The LaPQC Discharge Guide can help staff have a conversation with mothers and support persons … Continue reading “Discharge Education & Support”

PCOS & Breastfeeding: A Mother’s Perspective

Sarah is a mother who delivered her third child on September 7, 2019 at Our Lady of the Angels Hospital in Bogalusa, LA. In this article, Sarah shares her breastfeeding journey with the hope that other mothers who have polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) may find encouragement in her story  My first two babies received my … Continue reading “PCOS & Breastfeeding: A Mother’s Perspective”

How One Hospital Increased Breastfeeding Exclusivity from 2% to 30%

Our Lady of the Angels Hospital, located in Bogalusa, Louisiana, recently became the 8th birthing facility in the state to receive The Gift Shining Star designation. The hospital had extraordinary success in improving breastfeeding rates among patients.  In 2014, chart audits revealed that only 1 out of 54 (2%) patients exclusively breastfed. The hospital began working … Continue reading “How One Hospital Increased Breastfeeding Exclusivity from 2% to 30%”