How to Apply

The Gift Criteria for Designation, Re-designation and Maintenance

The Gift has recently re-designed its application process and maintenance tools to provide clearer expectations and guidelines. We have named this update Gift 2.0. Designation is awarded to facilities that have met the new criteria and submitted supporting evidence and documentation; no inspection or on-site assessment is required. The Gift does not replace Baby-Friendly accreditation, but assists facilities in achieving and maintaining standards that position them for success during Gift and Baby-Friendly designation and maintenance.

Gift designations are awarded to birthing facilities that achieve benchmarks reflecting success in four focus areas:

  • Evidence-based practices
  • The Gift Guidelines for Marketing of Breastmilk Substitutes compliance
  • Consistent Messaging
  • Quality Improvement

Birthing facilities enrolled in The Gift can access The Gift 2.0 application tools and resources in the resources for enrolled facilities section of the website.

Applications for designation and re-designation are reviewed on a quarterly basis (October, January, April, July) by a Bureau of Family Health appointed review committee.

Birthing hospitals which are enrolled with The Gift can access the application tools, as well as other quality improvement tools and resources here.  If your hospital is not enrolled, please contact Marci Brewer at