Discharge Education & Support

May 06, 2020

Ensuring mothers receive breastfeeding support, in the hospital and post discharge, are especially important during emergencies. If a patient has been diagnosed or is suspected to have COVID-19, the Universal COVID-19 Infant Feeding Checklist is a useful guide for the staff RN. The LaPQC Discharge Guide can help staff have a conversation with mothers and support persons about special precautions when returning home. 

WIC is an essential service and it continues to provide breastfeeding support. Visit the WIC website to learn about curbside services. To find the WIC Breast Pump Guide for Providers, click on the WIC Community tab within the website. 

Several Louisiana community-based breastfeeding support groups have shifted to virtual meetings and/or consultations. Café au Lait, a breastfeeding support group for families of color, has weekly meetings on its Facebook group; the topic for May is Breastfeeding and Mental Health. Nola Baby Café, a breastfeeding support group based in New Orleans now meets weekly on Zoom.

When conducting a virtual breastfeeding assessment, shared practices that can improve the visit include, ask the mother’s partner be present to help maneuver the camera and be a second set of “ears” and have the client sign a consent form to allow pictures or videos to aid the assessment process. For additional tips, watch a webinar recording by Robin Kaplan, M.Ed., IBCLC, RLC on Making the Shift from In-Person to Virtual Care and Support. The webinar provides information on how to provide excellent lactation care and support when you can’t be physically present with those you are serving.

The Gift is thankful for the tenacity and goodwill of hospital staff and community members who are committed to finding innovative ways to support Louisiana mothers and families.

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