Donor Human Milk in Louisiana

When a newborn baby does not have access to a parent’s breastmilk, pasteurized donor human milk is the next best option according to major medical organizations, including the World Health Organization (WHO). Although some nutrients are lost in the pasteurization process, donor milk is still more beneficial than formula.  To support the use of donor … Continue reading “Donor Human Milk in Louisiana”

Postpartum Hemorrhage Management – North Caddo Medical Center’s QI Approach

Evidence-based practices such as the Alliance for Innovation on Maternal Health’s Patient Safety Bundles, focused on Obstetric Hemorrhage, are key to improving maternal health outcomes. As part of the LaPQC Safe Births Initiative, North Caddo Medical Center saw impressive results from their improvement work during a recent obstetric event. Malana Jester, Nurse Manager of Labor … Continue reading “Postpartum Hemorrhage Management – North Caddo Medical Center’s QI Approach”

The Gift’s Impact on Breastfeeding Rates

A recent article reported that delivering at a Gift designated birthing facility is beneficial for breastfeeding initiation regardless of race/ethnicity. However, racial breastfeeding disparities exist, even in Gift facilities. The Gift works with hospitals to increase awareness of systemic gaps that contribute to breastfeeding inequities by having open discussions about the issue, encouraging diversity in … Continue reading “The Gift’s Impact on Breastfeeding Rates”

New Breastfeeding Data and National Breastfeeding Month

The recently released CDC 2020 Breastfeeding Report Card indicates breastfeeding initiation in Louisiana decreased from 70% in 2016 to 66% in 2017. The low initiation rate highlights the importance of strengthening prenatal breastfeeding education and supporting mothers in making informed decisions about how they feed their baby. While there are many opportunities for improving breastfeeding … Continue reading “New Breastfeeding Data and National Breastfeeding Month”

Revised COVID-10 Guidance on Care of Infants

Information about perinatal COVID-19 transmission is changing rapidly. Revised guidelines related to the care of infants at risk for maternal exposure to COVID-19 was recently released. Based on available data, the AAP’s initial guidance had recommended the temporary separation of newborns from their infected mothers.However, recent data prompted new AAP guidance, which indicates that mothers … Continue reading “Revised COVID-10 Guidance on Care of Infants”